Pay Per Click


  Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management: Many Exceeding 

$900K Per Month. Optimizations: Bid Management, Keyword Expands, Ad Copy, Geo, Demographic, Placement Targeting, Tracking Solutions. A/B & Multivariate Testing; Retargeting, Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Bing Shopping. AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedin

Search Engine Optimization


  SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Website Audit, Recommendations provided w/ examples, instructions, and impact. to improve websites' interaction with both users and search engines.

Social Media Optimization


 SMO: Organic & Social Media Planning & Optimizations: Tracking Solutions. Increase Website ROI; Establish Differentiators, and Avenues that allow Clients To Stand Out Amongst Competitors. Utilize media assets: Podcasts, Videos, ‘HOW TO’s’ Documentations